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Grandmalou here. I want to help you help your kids lay a strong foundation for learning the English language. How? With MUSICAL LANGUAGE!! There are three different sections that will teach your children some short, simple songs. Listen, sing, dance, act out the words with your kids. Watch an example of a Mom interacting with her three-year-old. It’s that simple! No, you don’t have to wear headphones or be a recording expert to use musical language. Watch my video here to learn more about the effects of music on a child’s developing brain. Then have fun exploring my website with your kids to listen, sing, dance, act, and get ready to read!!

My Tunes.

Pre-K music

Children get ready to read by singing and acting out songs about feelings, animals, and favorite activities.

K-2 music

Children develop word recognition skills, attachment and expression with songs that teach them to care for one another and our earth.

Musical Poems

Introduce, motivate, teach, review 26 letter/sounds, vowel and special sounds with these musical poems.
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Happy Childern
Hours of Poems

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