Something About Grandmalou Tunes

Connie Anderson

Thirty years of teaching in classrooms extend to an online format for Connie Anderson. Connie continues her career by teaching PreK-2 teachers to use the most current scientific, musical research and content available at this website, Even though she began her career as a high school English teacher, eventually she found her talents, skills, and interests were best suited for the primary grades. Her love of music, writing, and performing has influenced her decisions to add a reading certification, an elementary certificate, a master’s degree, and a web design certificate; and recently completed the required CO Science-of-Reading coursework to receive an updated Reading Certification. When work is completed, it isn’t unusual to find Connie enjoying the beauty and splendor of the Rocky Mountains and spending quality time with her husband, family, and close friends.

Connie’s musical background and talents stem from diverse experiences growing up in a musical family. Singing in church and high school choirs; performing regularly at Purdue University as a member of the Purduettes and University Choir; appearing as a soloist traveling with the Purdue Glee Club and as a member of a trio that won a talent search and appeared on the Jackie Gleason Show. All of these experiences shaped Connie’s current work using technology as an educational tool that contributes to the common good. In fact, entries from her grandfather’s diary that cover the rapid development of radio, the Depression, and related struggles; convince Connie that Grandmaloutunes is an appropriate way to honor his legacy. As early as 1919, Chester W Keen is credited as a radio pioneer associated with WHBJ; who built his own transmitter in 1924 to start WCWK that aired live musical, religious broadcasts, and shows for children. In 1928, he faced new licensing and government regulations that forced him to sell his beloved WCWK to a larger entity WOWO.

When she moved to Colorado, in 2007 she worked with a former colleague to produce a complete set of musical poems based on the most current research about the shared features of music and language. In addition, she and her husband formed their Rusty Fairmont Duo and eventually joined the Summit Concert Band playing percussion; and having the unique opportunity to play with music professionals coming from all parts of the country.

Plato said, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

Thank you to the St. Catherine Academy nuns who taught Velma Keen, Connie’s Mother, to play the piano. When she married Bob Kaade, they used their God-given talents to share with family, the Fort Wayne community, with their church families, and with all who came to enjoy their company. Grandmalou and her family are so grateful for the musical gifts that have been passed on to us!